You can Be the Spark for Quaker Lake Camp by making our Giving QLC Day (Giving Tuesday) plans go viral. Your help is crucial to a successful Giving QLC Day!


The Quaker Lake Camp Foundation is excited to participate in our first Giving QLC Day on December 3, 2019. On this date, we will ask our friends to Be the Spark by making a financial contribution to support the ministries of Quaker Lake Camp. A link to the online donation form will be available on December 3.


Until then, you can Be the Spark by sharing Giving QLC Day info with your family and friends.

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Join Us December 3

Prayerfully consider how you can Be the Spark with a financial gift on December 3. We accept online gifts by debit/credit card and Electronic Funds Transfer. Choose from a one-time gift or a recurring gift. All contributions on Giving QLC Day will benefit the ministries of Quaker Lake Camp by offsetting programming and operating expenses.

Your gift can...

Be the Spark that fosters deeper relationships with Jesus
Be the Spark that overcomes fears
Be the Spark that encourages trying something new
Be the Spark that begins the pursuit of a Christian walk
Be the Spark that boosts confidence
Be the Spark that builds new friendships

Be the Spark that creates lasting memories

You can Be the Spark!

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