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Summer 2023 Camper Registration

Camper Tuition Pricing System

The True Cost of Camp & Three-Tiered Pricing

Quaker Lake Camp offers a voluntary three-tiered pricing system. This allows you to pick the price that works best for your financial situation. The price you elect to pay for your child to attend camp is voluntary and in no way influences your child's admission or the experience your child will receive at Quaker Lake Camp.

As you consider your family's financial situation, please also consider the true cost of camp.


Tier 3- While this rate is still subsidized, it more closely reflects what it actually costs Quaker Lake Camp to provide an experience for one camper. Things like insurance, wear and tear on facilities, maintaining equipment, and utilities all impact the true cost of camp. Selecting this price allows Quaker Lake to stretch its limited funds so that more children can experience the power of camp.

Tier 2- This subsidized rate gives the opportunity for those who are able to pay more than the Tier 1 price.


Tier 1- This is our historic, heavily subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of the camp experience. This reduced rate is made possible by the generous donations of many groups, churches, and individuals.

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