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Quaker Lake


Seeds (Session A) is day long camp (June 11) for campers ages 3-6. Seeds offers campers with their first experience at camp away from Mom and Dad. The program lasts from 9am-3pm. Campers will sing songs, play games, make crafts, and eat snacks centered around their theme. 

Session B offers a great introduction to camping for little ones as well as an opportunity for their first nights at camp. Campers spend each day immersed in the camp schedule as they travel from class to class (Crafts, Nature, Discovery, and Swim) with their counselor.

7-9 Year Olds

8-10 Year Olds

These sessions offer a five-night experience (Sessions D & H). Campers eat meals and spend time in their cabin with their counselor but are able to create a second peer group as they travel from class to class (Crafts, Nature, Discovery, and Swim) with campers from different cabins (accompanied by a group leader). This experience is valuable as campers take on some responsibility in following their schedule and develop social skills interacting with their


11-13 Year Olds

In Sessions C & F campers gain the freedom to choose their own classes. Choices of classes include, but are not limited to mountain biking, archery, crafts, climbing tower, scripture art, sports, water fun, pine cars, fly fishing, DIY, cooking class, and little theatre. Campers also gain more freedom in free time options as well as the addition of night games into the evening programming.

13&14 Year Olds

Session G also allows campers to choose their own classes with the addition of getting to be on a “team”. This is a second peer group (coed) that they will participate in different challenges, games, and activities with. Team competitions could be anything from a game of beach volleyball to creating their own tv commercial to perform for the other campers. There will also be one themed night with activities, games, food, and costumes centered around it. This session is full of opportunities for campers to greatly develop their social skills, abilities to work with others, and to explore new activities.

15-17 Year Olds

Senior High Camp (Session E) is a nonstop week of fun and surprises! Senior High Camp is centered around a theme for the week. Campers also choose from a variety of classes, participate in large group activities, and compete in team competitions. Senior High campers enjoy time with their peers while growing in their faith. This session cultivates an atmosphere of acceptance and community for teens amid a world of cliques, bullying, and exclusion.

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